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Digital Printing

The most frequently asked question we receive is, "What is digital printing?" Traditionally printing is done on "offset" presses using inks. These presses are suited for longer press runs of static information. Digital printing is computer-to-paper printing, and allows for variable information to be printed on each and every sheet coming off the printer. The digital process utilizes inks or dry toner, and is generally limited to four color (cyan, magenta, yellow and black). We now offer a 5th Color, Clear or White. Click here for info on file creation to utilize this 5th color.

The advantage of digital vs offset is often a matter of need or speed. As information in business changes due to updating technology, engineering specifications, product offerings, or any number of reasons, you may find that your printed collateral such as brochures, pamphlets, technical literature, etc. needs regular updating. Instead of printing thousands of pieces you can now affordably print just what you need, 25, 250, or more. If that information requires updating in the near future, it's easily done and you are not left with thousands of outdated collaterals.

Let DMIT partner with your company and provide you with those short-to-medium run print jobs that were due yesterday - so you no longer have to pass up any opportunity - like, that all-important sales presentation to twenty people - the last minute trade show collaterals - the customized marketing materials. Our state-of-the-art digital printer provides commercial digital printing of the highest quality. We are easily able to run mixed-stock jobs - from 20# bond to 120# cover ... and almost anything in between.

With Variable Data Imaging, we can change the photos, text, graphic images or colors on your documents without the cost and delay of creating plates for each element. This technology enables you to add a personal touch to your mailers and business documents targeted to different audiences for powerful and effective marketing.

We can provide quality, economy, and speed for the following: Brochures, Postcards, Flyers, Pamphlets, CD Labels, Customized Surveys, Business Cards, Posters, Rack Cards, Customized Letters, Product Labels, Bookmarks, Catalogs, Door Hangers, Tickets, Folder Inserts, Gift Certificates, Promo Cards, Rolodex, Sales Presentations, Technical Literature, Trade Show Flyers, Stickers, Booklets, and more.

Tell us what you need - we're always up to the task.


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