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Quality. Economy. Speed.

Now you can have all three.

Durel Mail & Imaging Technologies was established in 2005 to provide quality digital printing and bulk mail services to the general consumer, printing trade and advertising/marketing industry. In an "on demand" world, DMIT can produce short to medium run projects that fit your budget and time frame. Also, in an age where information seems to change daily DMIT can update your technical literature, marketing brochure, or product information and keep your customers informed with your latest and greatest.

Imagine producing sales collaterals - postcards, flyers, pamphlets, brochures, spiral bound presentation books and more - in eye-catching, affordable, full color.

Customized marketing material, one-to-one collaterals, be it a simple letter or post card or something more complex like a full color brochure personalized to a specific person, DMIT can print it with our state of the art technology. As an added benefit DMIT provides automated bulk mail services.

Imagine that it won't break your budget or take weeks to get done.

Now you're thinking DMIT - Durel Mail & Imaging Technologies.


Digital Printing
Brochures, Postcards, Pamphlets, Business Cards
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Mail Services

Inkjet Addressing, Custom Mail Lists, CASS Certification
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Upload your files to our ftp server.
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